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Emblem 3’s Reunion Tour Showcases Strong Independent Artist Identities in an Awe-Inspiring Way | The New Nine

Since June 2014, Emblem 3's (Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick) uncertain future as a band has been unclear and often speculated about by fans. It's been a rocky road of teasers, solo work, and more. While there was no formal "break up" post, the three artists found themselves exploring their own musical sound and projects that all seemed to deviate from the original "Emblem 3 sound" in different ways.

MNYS releases new alternative pop single “Backwards” capturing our full attention

MNYS is back with a new single called “Backwards“! In case you’re unfamiliar, MNYS is an artist-on-the-rise that we here are APU are keeping a close eye on. His latest releases have been full of promise and radiating candor. It seems, though, that we aren’t quite the only ones who have caught on, either. “Backwards” is MNYS’s second release with Pure Noise Records; the first being “Night Terrors”.

The E-Girl Review: Ryan Caraveo is dropping a new album tomorrow and he’s spilling the inside scoop here

Need another e-boy obsession? We gotchu. The E-Girl Review is the corner where we give you the rundown on everything catching in the alt-modern-Internet era. With a sharp focus on everything alternative pop culture, we’re catching the TikTok trends, new music icons, and more for you. This time, we’re introducing you to your new favorite e-rapper: Ryan Caraveo is about to grace us with a new album — Northend Sweetheart — and to say it’s highly anticipated would be an understatement. Ryan has be

The E-Girl Review: Grace Ricci drops “My First Hit” and gets real about songwriting, inspirations, and depression

In case, you’re new: The E-Girl Review takes you through the latest trends in alternative music with an emphasis on what’s young, new, and exciting in a world where music and pop culture news moves faster than we can keep up with. We’re here for all things e-kid and emo. So, let’s dive into the next up-and-coming alt pop icon, Grace Ricci!

Women’s History Month: the trailblazers of the modern scene

Who were the women who made our scene? That’s such a tough question to answer because even when listing names of singers and songwriters, we can’t forget all the names we’ll never hear of. Historically, women haven’t been credited for the beautiful work they give to the world, so many of their names will be lost to us. We may never know the true scope and impact that women have had on the scene and this industry as a whole. However, we want to pluck a few names out of the millions and give you

Women’s History Month: women in the scene who are leaving a major legacy

With Women’s History month coming to an end, we would be amiss if we didn’t recognize the women making history right this very moment. Many of the women on this list have already made a huge impact on what it means to be pop-punk, but we’re sure they will continue to surprise us. This absolute icon has quickly become a role model for so many women looking for their place in the scene. Starting as the frontwoman in Automatic Loveletter, Juliet later expanded to her solo work, showcasing her tale

The E-Girl Review: Louis Tomlinson, Glass Animals, and more top alt artist moments from this week

We’re back for more of the e-kid approved music updates. This week we have a variety of old and new, starting with viral sensations and moving to veteran-backed up-and-coming artists. The best part is that the collective power of the Internet and the new platform that e-kid subculture now controls, has allowed for a new exploration of old techniques. We’re seeing artists who are transforming what it means to be alternative or pop-punk and creating a welcoming community facilitated by the fans.

The E-Girl Review: Lil Huddy releases debut single, Why Don’t We samples Smashing Pumpkins and more

In the new age of a fast-paced media cycle and viral Internet trends, the emergence of a new sub-category of alternative style is upon us! The new e-boys and e-girls are making a major splash in pop culture and music. As a result, we’ll be covering the happenings with the scene, bringing you some of the best moments, and highlighting the latest releases. Many have heralded in this new-age as a revival of emo. However, since this sub-culture’s base is predominately female, the stigma around it

Jillian Mercé Will Surely Transport You to A Dream in New Track “seventeen” | The New Nine

With a radiating classical background, Jillian Mercé's technical style shines through in her latest song, "seventeen." Getting lost in this chilling and dreamy track was almost too easy. The song, which Jillian says is "about someone who falls in love with someone else and sees the world through rose-colored glasses," places listeners right in the middle of a fog of confusion, paralleling the obvious storyline Jillian communicates.

YUNGBLUD connects with fans even through computer screens on digital “Weird Time of Life” tour

I’ve, unfortunately, always been a major skeptic (but not necessarily a critic) of YUNGBLUD and for no particular quantifiable reason. I could appreciate his climb and rise in popularity. In fact, when one of his songs would pop on I’d give it a listen and move about my day. I always told myself that maybe what was missing was that I needed to see him live. For some artists, their live performance is what captures me enough to reel me in as a lifelong fan.
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