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Jillian Mercé Will Surely Transport You to A Dream in New Track “seventeen” | The New Nine

With a radiating classical background, Jillian Mercé's technical style shines through in her latest song, "seventeen." Getting lost in this chilling and dreamy track was almost too easy. The song, which Jillian says is "about someone who falls in love with someone else and sees the world through rose-colored glasses," places listeners right in the middle of a fog of confusion, paralleling the obvious storyline Jillian communicates.

YUNGBLUD connects with fans even through computer screens on digital “Weird Time of Life” tour

I’ve, unfortunately, always been a major skeptic (but not necessarily a critic) of YUNGBLUD and for no particular quantifiable reason. I could appreciate his climb and rise in popularity. In fact, when one of his songs would pop on I’d give it a listen and move about my day. I always told myself that maybe what was missing was that I needed to see him live. For some artists, their live performance is what captures me enough to reel me in as a lifelong fan.

Everything We Know About the 'Cinderella' Remake

Camila Cabello as a literal princess? We are so ready. In case you missed it, a live-action remake of the fairytale classic “Cinderella” is on its way, and it’s about to be iconic on so many levels! While we wait for it to be released, we’ll be tracking every rumor and report so we can piece together all the details. Can’t wait to see this modern take come to life? Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming flick…

11 Stars Who Opened Up About Their Mental Health

It’s okay to not be okay. Living with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness can be difficult. But if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Millions of people in the United States — even some of the biggest names in Hollywood — share similar experiences. From actors and activists to influencers and musicians: these stars have all bravely opened up about their own mental health, and what they do to cope with it.

Three Shows And Two Days With In Real Life

The criticism that often comes with boybands is the idea that some industry professional snags five boys and contracts them to put out a few albums. The thing about In Real Life is that's not totally​ wrong. ABC launched a reality competition show called "Boyband" and the winners... well, they were put into a boyband. While they are continuing this spiral, in so many ways In Real Life seems to be breaking free. They're taking the mold, and understanding it, and breaking it apart. In Real Life,

FLETCHER’s Sold-Out Show At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg Brings An Inspiring Sense Of Authenticity

Every show has its own particular energy curated by the artist, the city, and some sort of factor that I have yet to define. For FLETCHER the energy in the Music Hall of Williamsburg immediately transcended through the mix of different people that came out for the show. It was electric and energetic, but more importantly: it was raw and real. Supporting her EP, "you ruined new york city for me," FLETCHER’s New York City date some-what ironically sold out, and fans showed up eager to the concert

Up-and-Coming Duo Surfaces Warms Hearts Of Chilly New York Crowd and Talks Inspiration

With their new single, "Bloom", out now, the band is leaning into their sound even more. With a new album in sight, fans can expect them to push the boundaries a bit. "I think fans can always appreciate when you're not trying to box yourself in and you're trying to branch out,” explained Colin.This particular song, though, is another example of Surfaces taking a moment and expanding it. He gave the backstory of “Bloom”:

Taylor Grey is the Role Model that All Women Need Right Now

On a line up of all men, Taylor Grey embodied everything that the predominately young female fans of Why Don’t We needed and deserved to see. Mohegan Sun Arena was packed with fans eager to see the boy-band they had come for, but before that, Taylor took the stage to open and she did so with talent, passion, and a clear desire to inspire. It was endlessly important to see this sort of representation and Taylor took on the responsibility so well. “The fans are largely female so I get to meet a l

EBEN Talks Latest EP Honeydew, Connecting With Fans, And Personal Growth

“It feels like I finally made it to the summit on a big mountain!” proclaims singer-songwriter EBEN. His latest EP-- Honeydew-- has been long awaited by a both growing and eager fan base. It’s safe to say that this new project has showcased not only his ever-evolving style, but his truth and passion. He notes: “I’ve made my fans wait so long for this music so it’s really satisfying being able to give them something that has come from my heart and soul.”
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