'Plaza Hotel ruined the Eloise at Christmastime experience and boutique'

The Eloise Shop at The Plaza Hotel officially lost all its charm. A little girl shrouded in glitz, glam, and pink is known for fictionally living in luxury at the Plaza Hotel and at Chirstmastime, Eloise is supposed to be the Queen. After some exploration on my own, I discovered that what was once an adorable display of affection to this character was downgraded to a dingy gift shop. Eloise would absolutely not approve. The Eloise book series was adapted into a live action film in 2003 and was

'I found the perfect friendship bracelet hack just before the Taylor Swift film'

As one of the fortunate few who snagged tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, I spent hours with little beads and thread crafting the perfect friendship bracelets. With Taylor's movie on the horizon, I'm expecting to leave the theater with armfuls of bracelets, each representing a new friend. The only issue is, I simply don't have the time to sit with thread again. Not only that, but the Eras Tour really humbled my bracelet skills.

Upper West Side Community Garden Hosts Flea Market

(NEW YORK) — As summer turned to fall, the West 104th Street Community Garden hosted a flea market to raise money for the community space. On Sept. 25, the garden saw an uptick in traffic as members of the local community flocked to the quaint garden. Volunteers and vendors sold a variety of items including home decor, clothes, and cookware. Among the crowd were garden members and general neighborhood community members.

A Love Letter From the Front Row | Open Letter

“Front row or no go,” I proudly scrawl across my Instagram story after clicking a blurry picture, clutching the barricade at yet another dingy, rundown concert venue. In my mind flashes the image of every previous show from Pittsburgh to Connecticut to New York City to Philadelphia to London to Orlando to Toronto. Every stage showered in blue and red lights, crowded by eager fans trying not-so-discretely to maneuver their way to the spot I held onto dearly.

To My Long Distance Ex, Here's How I Knew I Was In Love With You

Your color choice speaks volumes. It doesn't just emit an image for the car, it also says something about your style and personality! It's a form of self-expression. Are you confident? Are you sophisticated? Are you easy-going? Are you outgoing? Are you practical? As you're reviewing car sites for your next car purchase, what color will you opt for? Find out what certain color choices says about you!

11 Stars Who Opened Up About Their Mental Health

It’s okay to not be okay. Living with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness can be difficult. But if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Millions of people in the United States — even some of the biggest names in Hollywood — share similar experiences. From actors and activists to influencers and musicians: these stars have all bravely opened up about their own mental health, and what they do to cope with it.