7 Steps to Creating a More Socially Conscious Workplace

So, your company posted a one-liner on its Facebook page about not being racist. Now, what? This summer, I had the opportunity to complete a badge program in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which came at a critical point in American politics and allowed me to dive deeper into topics I was already passionate about. Throughout my education, I reflected on how to apply these best practices to all aspects of my life… including my work.

How Can a Non-Tech Person Be Successful in the Tech Industry?

What comes to mind when you think of a ‘tech’ job? For many of us, it’s coders hunched over computers, typing feverishly away at their keyboard, or hackers breaking into a firewall. Sometimes, we may imagine knowledge and skills that seem out-of-reach or specialized. While certain skills may be critical for a career in tech, the truth is there are a variety of opportunities in the industry that do not include endless lines of code.

West With What’s Next: 5 Tips for Working from Home Like a Pro during the COVID-19 Outbreak

So, you’re working from home now? It’s definitely not for everyone. However, now nearly every professional is finding themselves sitting in front of their laptop and on their couch instead of in front of a monitor at the office. COVID-19 has forced companies everywhere to reimagine what it means to create a workplace. While not everyone loves the change, many businesses were already heading toward a “work from home” model. Remote working has been growing in popularity across many industries. O

West With What’s Next: What’s Up With TikTok?

TikTok, a video-sharing social networking platform, seems to have taken over out of absolutely nowhere. With TikTok catering to Gen Z and Millennials primarily, it has left many marketers stumped as they try to find their groove and appeal to the platform’s users. Why TikTok Is an Enigma to Marketers As a Gen Z individual, I can candidly say the majority of advertisers don’t have a clue about how to successfully infiltrate TikTok. Promotional content on the network is easily identifiable as a