Women’s History Month: the trailblazers of the modern scene

Who were the women who made our scene? That’s such a tough question to answer because even when listing names of singers and songwriters, we can’t forget all the names we’ll never hear of. Historically, women haven’t been credited for the beautiful work they give to the world, so many of their names will be lost to us. We may never know the true scope and impact that women have had on the scene and this industry as a whole. However, we want to pluck a few names out of the millions and give you

Women’s History Month: women in the scene who are leaving a major legacy

With Women’s History month coming to an end, we would be amiss if we didn’t recognize the women making history right this very moment. Many of the women on this list have already made a huge impact on what it means to be pop-punk, but we’re sure they will continue to surprise us. This absolute icon has quickly become a role model for so many women looking for their place in the scene. Starting as the frontwoman in Automatic Loveletter, Juliet later expanded to her solo work, showcasing her tale

9 Girl Bosses Diving Into STEM Fields In Creative Ways

These girls are definitely paving the way! In case you missed it, we’re teaming up with Ad Council for this year’s Creators For Good Summit in less than a week! The feel-good event — going down on October 11th, aka International Day of the Girl — is all about encouraging and empowering girls to realize and pursue their passions: whatever they may be. The Summit will focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, but that doesn’t mean being a traditional scientist

Everything we know about the sexual assault allegations against Austin Carlile

Trigger and Content Warning: The following content contains sensitive and/or triggering content including sexual assault and sexual violence. If you feel affected by this content please know there are resources to support you. Please read with caution. On June 8th, a viral Tweet from Jonathan Stiffler brought to light sexual assault allegations against Austin Carlile formerly from Of Mice and Men and Attack! Attack!. While the allegations go back further, Stiffler asserted that Alternative Pres